Cinema in the Digital Age

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Jan Speckenbach
A Few Minutes Jean Rouch

A meeting with and a hommage to Jean Rouch, ethnographer and filmmaker, co-founder of the documentary film movement cinéma vérité and specialist of the Central African dance of possession. „This film destroys the appearances, with which the illusion of the cinematic reality theft is generally made so perfect - by using two cameras and observing itself during stealing, so to say. The film shows itself. It reveals its means and does not flee into the naive perfection of an illusionary front. It shows the embarrassment, with which the author goes toward the grandfatherly opponent Jean Rouch, who will be his collaborator already after a few minutes. It retains the clumsiness, the detours of the conversation - even the errors in English. It shows everything that would be cut away by the categories of a self appointed professionalism and describes a mental fraternization, a journey, which is passing under the tower in which Hölderlin became creasy, chatting about surrealisms, Cinétrance and African art.“ (F. Batard)

1995, 40 min

with Jean Rouch