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Jan Speckenbach
Die Geisel und der Bankräuber
(The Hostage and the Bank Robber)

Florian Meywitz enters a coffee bar.
He throws a glance at Maria Lemmnitz, who tells him that she happens to be an executive employee of a a savings bank.
And you? What are you doing? - asks Maria.
I'm a bank robber, Maywitz replies.

“In what one is trading at a bank robbery, I am asking myself? There is money changing the owners, therefore something must have been sold anyway. Something invisible must have changed the owners here. Perhaps any kind of survival will is exchanged here. And that one trades with it. With angst and contempt. With fear of death and experiments of totalitarian rule. But perhaps also with beauty and true love. At a bank robbery one is trading in true love. The money, that is not really what it is about. At a bank robbery.” (René Pollesch)

2006, 18 min

with Johanna Roever, Stefan Rudolf